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Rabu, 07 Oktober 2009

What's On My Mind

Today my mind is so full. First, I am about to start cooking three large chickens. (Click here to read how I do that.) I went to a local farm to pick up an order of chickens for the next several months, and there were three that were so big I couldn't fit them in a freezer bag! I plan to cook and debone these this afternoon so that I can replenish my stock of ready-to-use meat in the freezer.

I am also thinking of Fall Break Plans, School Lessons, dividing a MEGA LARGE cheese order that I placed for myself and several of my local friends, how I'm going to balance my pregnant body on a bar stool tall enough to vacuum the ceiling fan in our vaulted living room, maintaining a cheerful spirit, and getting everything done this afternoon in enough time to get Rainbow to ballet on time.

Clouds, Sky

Then, there is a larger thought cloud in the back of my mind today. I say cloud, but think big and fluffy cloud rather than dark rain cloud. "Thought cloud" as in a conglomeration of thoughts that provides the background for all my other thoughts today.

What is this thought cloud? Well, I have been thinking how thankful I am that my family is healthy. I am not saying that we will never get sick. That is out of my hands. But, we are well. And and I am thankful for this gift.

My thoughts go on... What about wellness? Well, I can tell you that wellness doesn't happen over night. It is a two fold process of developing healthy habits and giving your body's cells time to replace themselves with healthy, vibrant cells.

(If you are a new reader and have not yet read my "So What is Health Anyway?" Series, the idea of "replacing cells" might seem new to you. Please take the time to read that three part series. I think it is foundational to understanding why it matters what we put in our bodies. It wouldn't be long, and it won't be painful... and you might just ignite a new motivation too.)
Wellness does take time. You may start to feel more energy rather quickly. Or you may notice less digestive distress within a short time. But, the building of a healthy immune system, the overcoming of chronic symptoms and the creation of lifelong healthy choices takes time. Give yourself time. But start now!

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