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Minggu, 02 September 2012

Tips Urang Aring

Tips Urang Aring
Urang aring is a plant known for its efficacy in nourish hair, Because the properties are good for hair, aring urang extract has become a key ingredient of various products shampoo, Urang-aring are many types of wild plants that grow anywhere in tropical and subtropical regions, farmers plant is considered a weed. Nevertheless urang-aring it can be used as a medicine, which is used as a fertility drug, and black hair.
In the womb urang aring there are compounds that are useful in generating the black dye, To obtain the benefits of Urang aring nourish the hair is quite easy, Destroy urang aring crushed by the water, Extracts from urang aring will make hair grow fast and black, It's very well done on the baby to obtain a lush black hair, in addition, urang-aring leaves are also useful as an effective antidote, usually used as an antidote to the poison of venomous animals such as snake bites and scorpion stings.
So if you have problems with hair or bitten by venomous animals, you can use the leaves urang aring for treatment.
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