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Selasa, 25 September 2012

Beauty tips with almond oil

Almond Oil  is extracted from almond.This almond oil is easily available in markets.Thus the almond flour  is used as an alternative to the wheat flour in cooking and baking.Almonds are  a rich source of  Vitamin E,Vitamin B1,Vitamin B2,Vitamin B6,Vitamin D.It has high proteins and minerals.Almonds are rich source of oils.The almond oil is good for application to the skin.

There are many benefits for skin and hair with almond oil.

 Benefits  and uses of almond oil for skin:

1.Prevents itching,irritation,inflammation of skin.
2.Prevents dark circles.
3.Suitable for every type of skin.
4.Almond oil softens the skin.
5.It reduces wrinkles on the skin.It acts as a anti aging agent for skin.
6.Rub a few drops of almond oil on dry spots,your skin absorbs the oil and keeps your skin shiny and soft.
7.Apply two drops of almond oil on your skin.It acts as a cleanser.

Benefits and uses of almond oil for hair:


1.Almond oil for dull and damaged hair:

It gives the healthy appearence to the dull hair.This almond oil provides nutrients to the dull hair when applied,thus speeds the recovery of the damaged hair.

2.Controls hair loss:

This almond oil when applied,reduces the hair loss and this is very good oil for controlling the hair loss.

3.Almond oil for shine and silky hair:

Apply almond oil to your hair twice a week.After a week of treatment you will notice the shiny hair.

Health benefits of almond oil:

1.Rub  the oil on the sore muscles after long workout.It has pain killing properties.
2.Almond oil also have the therapeutic properties that relieve the stress and calm the nerves.Add one drop of almond oil to your forehead ,lay down and relax for one hour.It helps to reduce stress.

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