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Kamis, 20 September 2012

Tips for removing dark circles

Eyes are the most attractive part of the face.We all want to have beautiful and sparkling eyes.There are many skin problems for men and women  of all ages.The most common problem is dark circles under eyes.Dark circles gives aging appearance to the face.In order to avoid aging appearance ,one should take care for the dark circles.Dark circles appear because of many reasons.


Causes of dark circles under eyes:

1.Food allergies.
2.Hormonal disorders.
3.Organ disorders.
4.Sleeping disorders.


Some of the useful tips for the dark circles:

1.Apply mint(pudhina) juice under your eyes to avoid dark circles.
2.Mix equal parts of lemon juice and tomato juice .Apply it  to treat dark circles.
3.Castor oil with  1 tsp of  milk cream is a good treatment for dark circles under eyes.
4.Drink plenty of water and butter milk daily  to reduce dark circles.
5.Take carrot,papaya,cuury leaves ,spinach  in your diet.It may be helpful to reduce dark circles.
6.A perfect tip is with potato.Apply potato slice on your eyes for ten minutes to reduce dark circles.
7.Massage almond oil around your eyes.It improves blood circulation.
8.Splashing cold water to the eyes helps to avoid wrinkles and dark circles under eyes.
9.Protect your eyes  from harmful UV rays by using good sunglasses.
It is better to follow home made remedies for dark circles.So follow these natural tips and make your eyes beautiful.Attractive eyes make you look attractive and  cute.

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