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Senin, 02 November 2009

Seasons of Life

Maple Leaves

Dear Readers,

After much thought, prayer and discussion with my husband, I am pressing the pause button on this blog. I am entering into a season of life when my afternoon computer hour would best be spent in other pursuits.

I may have the opportunity to put up a few posts from time to time... and I hope to put up a post or two to share some of my favorite healthy holiday dishes... but I am putting my regular posting routine aside for a season. (I will for sure put up an announcement when my baby arrives around Christmastime!)

When things settle into normalcy after the baby, I hope to resume my afternoon computer time. Until then, I will still be working as a Wellness Consultant and as a Shaklee Independant Distributor... so please feel free to email questions if you are interested in laying a foundation for your family's health with reliably pure supplements.

Have a peaceful holiday season,

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