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Kamis, 01 Maret 2012

Beauty Tips: Summer Skin Care

Summer skin care is very important for women and men, because the warm heat of the sun shares gentle comfort on your body and mind. So the heat increases and you go through difficulties. But maintaining some healthy beauty care regime, you can very easily protect the body from the sun. Beauty tips for summer will offer you healthy skin and beautiful hair. Everyone better try to follow the below summer beauty tips and maintain your beauty.

Always use sunscreen.
The basic thing which you must follow during summer days is to protect the skin from hands of sun burn and other harmful effects use sun screen lotion regularly. A sunscreen that consists of SPF 15 at least can guard the skin from any sun damage. You can also choose hydrating toner in lieu of moisturizer during hot summer days so that may helps you from the heat of the sun.

To avoid sunburn.
To avoid the sun burn, you can adapt some useful method. Take a lotion and apply it on the skin. Apart from treating sun burn, the formula will also relax your skin. Sun burn cream that contain zinc can heal sunburn overnight.

Scrub the skin.
To remove any extra dead skin cell, you have to do scrubbing method. Apply this method once or twice a week; pamper the skin gently with a good scrub. So during this summer days, this method is very effective and reduce from pimples.

Useful in Drinking Water.
Water is the natural medicine for health, especially during the summer days. You must drink eight glasses of water daily and hydrate the body naturally. This method will enhance your glow too. Also include fruit juice and other leafy green vegetables in you diet.

Use hat and sun glass in summer.
The perfect summer protection wears hat and sunglasses. Whenever you are going outside prefer to use these two essential items. So this way reduces the sun effects that flow directly in your skin.

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