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Senin, 16 April 2012

Beauty Tips for children’s

Beauty Tips for children’s There is one thing that we all can do. Always take care of your children’s beauty care. I am sure our parents did the best they could, as in my case I was just too strong willed and insisted on my own way. But we must at least try to inculcate good habits from the very beginning, and give the future generation a beautiful, healthy advantage.

During your pregnancy, keep calm and encourage peaceful, loving thoughts because it has been scientifically proved that your attitude of mind affects the health. Reasons why pregnant woman are expected to read religious books and listen to spiritual songs and hymns.

Good food habits for your kids
Good skin and hair is the result of a healthy diet. Lotions and shampoos are attempted cures and not preventions. If you start your daughter on the right foods, she will automatically gain the healthy advantage. You can give her a few sweets and chocolates, but make sure that they are rationed. Encourage her to eat good wholesome food like milk, cheese, eggs, fish, meat and plenty of green vegetables and fresh fruits.

Hair and skin care for your kids
Teach your little daughter to keep her hair clean and neat. A mild shampoo and regular brushing should keep them in good condition. Regular trims are a must as are oil massages. At this age it is always better to keep hair short so that they are well maintained and healthy.

A daily bath is a must and should be doubled in summers for your children’s. A fragrant talcum powder will help her feel fresh and clean. Deodorants should not be encouraged before her teens.

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