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Rabu, 26 Maret 2014

How to Care For Healthy Hair Naturally

How to Care For Healthy Hair Naturally - Every human being, his very special womenfolk want to have healthy hair naturally. Hair is the crown for every woman. Having beautiful hair, straight, shiny black and dense is the dream of every women, and so many women are willing to spend money to hundreds of thousands just to get healthy and shiny hair is. So what if you are including the women who have limited funds to care for the hair? 

Actually you do not have to spend so much money just to get it all. Maybe the following article will be useful for your reference.
How to Care For Healthy Hair Naturally 

1 . Natural Oils
Several types of natural oils proved capable in use to treat hair . Some natural oils that can be used for example its coconut oil, almond oil , or sunflower oil . how to use it is also very easy , you just need to apply the oil to your hair after shampooing . This serves to moisturize your hair always looks dry .

2 . avocado
Avocados are one type of fruit that have vitamin content  many which turned out very well for hair moisture . For how to treat hair very easily this time . You only need to blend the avocado fruit, make like juice and mix with egg white . It aims to improve the content of vitamins and protein in the hair can make your hair into a moist , tender and not dry .

3 . Conditioner and Hair Vitamins
You can use a conditioner or hair vitamins to provide nutrients to your hair . Use every time after shampooing , and always rinse thoroughly .

4 . Do not Use Hairdryer
Hair dryer is a tool that can be used to make hair dry quickly after you wash it . but did you know? that the hairdryer can make your hair lose a lot of nutrients that can cause your hair to become stiff and dry . You should avoid using a blow dryer on your hair , it is better to use a towel to dry your hair in Wraps in after shampooing while in pat . It absorbs water better than having to use a hair dryer to dry your hair .

5 . Periodically Hair Cut
It aims to avoid the spread of the ends of the hair are branched . The ends of the hair can cause hair cut branches into extended to the base of the hair . Therefore, his best cut ends of the hair regularly for avoid it all .

As it was some way Caring For Healthy Hair Naturally that I can say this time . Hopefully we all can add to the knowledge about how to care for a good hair to get healthy hair naturally .

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