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Kamis, 26 Maret 2009

On a Personal Note

Do you ever find yourself cutting corners on your own health while still making maximum efforts for the rest of your family? That is exactly where I found myself this week.

You see, I thrive on a protein shake for breakfast. On the mornings that I drink a protein shake, I can tell a big difference in my day. I am less forgetful and edgy, more energetic and creative, and am truly able to better nurture my littles.

Going without my protein shake for a while, I saw a change in my metabolism too. Did you know that when we skip meals, our bodies will naturally curb energy consumption just in case the fuel might be needed later. Consistent, light meals are the best way to keep our metabolisms at their peak.

Protein shakes take about three minutes to make. Simple enough, right? So why have I been cutting that corner? I have been eating a few bites here and there while I make breakfast and do lunch and dinner prep. In my mind I'm saving time because I'm not sitting down to eat. I get some extra time to work, and then I sit down to do Bible Time when the kids are finishing up their food. While the few moments of extra work time seem profitable, I am really doing myself (and my family!) a disservice.

Have you heard the southern slang cliche' "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy"? I've never really liked the phrase, but honestly, I can see it bears some truth. If this mama isn't being healthy, it really effects her family.

I have started being disciplined about my breakfast again. It is worth 3 minutes! Are there areas of your health-life where you might be cutting corners? It all comes back to "Health Begins With Mom!"

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