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Rabu, 10 Februari 2010

The Lump

Okay, so I'm going to tell you what the lump above and behind my cesarean incision is. I mean, what if there is someone who googles "what is the painful lump behind my cesarean scar?" or "what could cause this pain behind my incision six weeks after a cesarean delivery?"

I mean, people google stuff when they're concerned... and maybe reading my story will help.

So the OB said it wasn't a hernia, which could be caused by a weak spot when the abdomen healed, because it didn't bulge when I coughed. Good to know.

I gathered that it couldn't be an adhesion, because such things take longer to form and to be noticed.

It is, according to the doctor, at the exact spot where he tied a knot at the end of the row of dissolvable stitches in the fascia layer. Apparently there is a conglomeration of tissue at that spot. It has gathered there in order to help with the healing. And, as the stitches dissolve and the spot heals, the tissue will dissipate. It is not permanent. Which, in my mind, is very good news.

It may hurt while I move around a lot, but the doctor encouraged me to exercise anyway. Doing so will circulate more blood around the region and promote faster healing. So, there you have it. The pain is temporary. And that sure makes it more endurable. (Is that a word?)

Back to school... I'll return later today!

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