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Jumat, 05 Februari 2010

Where Have I Been This Week?

Where have I been this week? What has kept me from this blog? Here goes:

  • There was the migraine, probably due to a combination of desperate fatigue and postpartum hormonal changes.
  • There was the mastitis, which I fought head on, so it really was only a 36 hour battle.
  • There was the mild cold that Rainbow and Witzy passed on to The New Little One. Even though it was minor, any congestion is hard for a newborn and nursing, which is probably one of the major factors in my mastitis.
  • There was the adoption of two leopard geckos and the subsequent search all over the region to find the right crickets for their consumption. Do you know how hard it is to find crickets in rural Georgia in winter?
  • There was the ever-evasive nap that I tried to take every afternoon to make up for the general loss of sleep from nursing through the night. My children are fantastic, for sure. But with five of them, the odds are pretty high that someone is going to need something every hour of the day.
  • There was the usual homeschooling, errands, extra curricular activities, practises and games. AND LAUNDRY!
  • And, there is this lump about an inch above and behind my cesarean incision that radiates pain over my hip bone and down to my leg. I have an appointment with my OB on Tuesday and I surely hope he has some clue what it is! (Could it be an adhesion? Do any of you dear readers have experience with this or have some hint as to the cause of this pain? PLEASE share, if you do!)
It has been a full week... even though I'm still not cooking. And, to balance out all the negative, I have to say that The New Little One is, most definitely, the most beautiful baby boy in the world! I can't imagine a sweeter face -- which is pretty much a carbon copy of Spiderman's at one month old.

I really appreciate all the questions you sent my way. I have been thinking about them all week, even if I didn't get to my computer... especially the abundance of questions regarding the affordability of healthy foods and the prioritizing of health strategies. After all, we can't buy and do everything! I'll be posting about these two topics next week.

So, have a good weekend. I will be very pleased if my weekend includes a nap, some chocolate ice cream and some down time with my husband and children.

Until next week,

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