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Jumat, 04 Juni 2010

In Which Amy Ellen Shares Where We've Been and What We've Been Drinking, plus a giveaway!

So, did you have a good Mother's Day? Can you believe it has been that long since I posted last? I can hardly even remember my Mother's Day. I don't want to say that we've been busy... everyone is busy. Really, it's just that life is full. There isn't one big thing claiming all our attention; we are just seven people living very full lives. So, where have we been?

  • There was the annual Strawberry Picking.
  • There was the day-long Church Picnic.
  • There was the trip to the zoo, in incredible Atlanta heat.
  • There have been plenty of weeds to pull, and other assorted yard jobs, in the incredible GA heat.
  • There have been a few trips to the pool.
  • And there have been various social engagements, parties and gatherings... most involving outdoor activities in the incredible heat and humidity.
  • (And, of course, there is a great deal to do indoors as well, but that doesn't really fit in with what I'm going to say next.)
Earlier in the Spring, the kind people at Ultima Replenisher contacted me to see if I was interested in some of their Sports Beverages for review and giveaway. My first question was: "What's in them?" After I was satisfied with their natural ingredient list, I said: "Sure, I'll give them a try!" Little did I know how much we would benefit from them...

Because we get really thirsty working and playing under the hot, hot sun!
The line of Ultima beverages claims to be "the only 100% natural, non-GMO, gluten free, sugar free, dye free electrolyte beverage on the market." Electrolytes for Health Conscious People. They are sweetened with stevia, which, in my opinion, is a pretty good natural sweetener when used in moderation

I was given Kids! Ultima Replenisher, which is a pediatric electrolyte formula, as well as a sampling of the flavors available for adults: Orange, Grape, Lemonade and Wild Raspberry.

The children love their Raspberry flavor. It keeps them going (or maybe anything would since they're kids and all, but at least I don't have to worry about dehydration as they keep going).

My husband also enjoys it while doing his extra sweaty jobs in the yard. It keeps him going (or maybe he is so determined that he would keep going anyway, but at least he doesn't get that infamous after-yard-work-dehydration-headache). Replenishing lost electrolytes is good. Especially when you can do that without sugar or other artificial ingredients.

There is plenty of heat left this summer... Would you like to win some Kids! Ultima Replenisher and a sampling of the regular Ultima flavors as well? Enter to win by leaving a comment on this post telling me about your favorite summertime outdoor activity. I will randomly select a winner on Friday, June 11th at noon EST, right before we take the last of our Ultima on a much-anticipated beach trip.

Since there is little to no routine in my summer-life, I'll be posting sporadically... but more often than in the past few weeks. Happy Summer,

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