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Selasa, 29 Juni 2010

There is no good title for this post. Really.

I have thought about this post for the last two weeks. And I still couldn't come up with a decent title. So, there it is.

This is my last post on Health Begins With Mom. At least for my foreseeable future. I have really enjoyed writing this blog, and I hope that you have been inspired by it... Inspired to be the voice of support, the source of joyful energy in your home. I hope I have encouraged you to embrace your nurturing role as mom... and to do your very best in keeping your loved ones healthy... to give it your all... and to give yourself grace when you can't do it all.

It's not that blogging is time-consuming. It is possible for me to order my day so that I have thirty minutes to an hour of computer time while my children "rest."

It is that blogging is thought-consuming. I find that I'm frequently thinking of the next post, of a series I am working on, of recipes I'd like to share, of photos that I need to snap while I'm cooking. I am privileged to have had the extra thinking time to blog over the last year and a half. But now, I need to direct those extra thoughts elsewhere.

I am not going to close up Health Begins With Mom though.

First, I would like all of these posts to still benefit others. So I am keeping all of this information (and these recipes) available for you and for those who will stumble upon this blog in time to come.

Second, I would like the option to come back to blogging at Health Begins With Mom if things work out that way in the future. It would be great to just pick up where I left off. Interestingly, this is my 300th post. So, I would pick up at 301...

I am still continuing as an Independent Shaklee Distributor and as a woman eager to serve other women -- so please continue to email me. I would love to hear your story. And I will still do my best to answer your questions.

For your health,

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