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Rabu, 03 Maret 2010

Get In Shape, Girl!

You do remember that commercial jingle, don't you? Or, does that completely date my decade?

Anyway... I am now ten weeks postpartum. Here is a picture of The New Little Guy on his two month birthday. Pretty cute, huh?

See his bib? Well, he almost always wears one. Because he spews like a volcano! (Thankfully, it is getting better.) And most of the time, unlike in this photo, his bib migrates around to his back so it resembles a cape. All that to say, he has earned a blog name. He is the caped wonder: Superman. The perfect sidekick for our dear Spiderman. Although, we did wonder if we should rename the boys Tornado and Volcano...

On to my subject for today: Getting in Shape... whether you are, like me, getting back into shape or whether you are just beginning a habit of exercise.

It has been over three months since I have exercised. And that is just way too long! I mentioned before that Superman preferred to lie transverse in the womb. This put incredible stress on my hips and made it impossible to exercise without ruining my mobility for the rest of the day. Then, there was the cesarean recovery... And now, it is time. I can tell that the "idle months" have negatively effected my posture, my stamina and my muscle tone. It is time. I know I will feel more vitality and strength once I get started.

Although, I am not ready to jump directly back into my old routine. My old plan is too intense for my recovering core muscles. Eventually, I'll get back to that plan. But I've gotta start somewhere!

I've been searching online to find some more moderate core exercises to get me started. I know me, and I know that without a plan, I will not be consistent. And without being consistent, I will not see results.

After looking at WAAAAAYYYY too many sites, I found this program to be the most realistically helpful. Technically, it is a postpartum program. But I think it would be beneficial for anyone jumping into an exercise routine. Start at the top and find out where on the progression you need to begin your program.

Remember, a strong core is so important. Your balance, posture, agility and range of motion all depend on your core muscles. Whether you start with these exercises or with a more advanced program, make time *almost* every day for strengthening your back and abdominal muscles.

In addition to the core exercises, I am going to work up to doing intervals on my elliptical machine again. I would love to be outside walking! But, the weather and daylight don't permit that quite yet. I am very much looking forward to it though!

With my nights still quite unpredictable, I don't know how many mornings I'll be able to follow the plan. But I am starting small, with just 15 or 20 minutes of workout time. Hopefully I will find three or four mornings a week for fitness. What about you? What are your exercise goals? Do you have a good routine? Please share what works for you in the comments!

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