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Senin, 15 Maret 2010

Links Worth Reading

Is it looking like spring where you are? The weather here in my part of Georgia is absolutely beautiful... makes me giddy!

In my reading over the last few days, I found a few articles that I think you may find interesting.

First, you have heard me talk of soaking grains to neutralize the phytic acid... sounds technical... and what's the health benefit, anyway? Well, here is a very helpful explaination. Click here to read.

Second, many of you have mentioned that you would like to start making sourdough bread. Here is a great primer, including some sourdough waffles. I haven't tried them yet, but I think this post is very informative (though long!). Click here to read.

Last, Genetically Modified Foods are a great concern of mine. I have talked about the book Seeds of Deception before. Now, here is a very thought-provoking perspective on the subject. Note that I do not necessarily agree with all the ideas in this article or on this webpage, but this article made me think. Click here to read.

Coming up on Health Begins With Mom this week:
  • Be a Supplement Skeptic
  • Making Refried Beans
Happy Spring!


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