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Senin, 08 Maret 2010

Two Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Thanks to Rainbow's birthday wishes, I now have photos for two healthy breakfast's to share with you! They both contain eggs, which I do consider healthy. (Read why here.)

The first recipe for Egg Toasters, is very simple and easy to prepare... especially if you have a large electric griddle. The second, for Breakfast Burritos, requires some more kitchen time. However, it is still a simple recipe to follow. And, it can be made ahead and popped into the toaster oven in the morning for a super quick, warm breakfast. Breakfast Burritos are great for the car too!

Egg Toasters

For Egg Toasters, start by punching holes in sliced bread with a cookie cutter. Rainbow picked heart shapes, but you can use any cookie cutter, or even an upside down glass, to make a hole in the center of each slice of bread.

Second, butter the bread and place on a griddle warmed to medium heat. I butter one side, place it on the griddle and then butter the top. Crack an egg into each hole. We break the yolks because we don't like runny eggs, but you could leave it whole if that is how your family prefers their eggs.

Once the eggs have set, flip the Egg Toasters over and grill on the other side until desired doneness.

Butter the cut-outs on both sides and grill them as well. (I had to do my hearts separately because they wouldn't fit on my griddle.)

Voila'. Breakfast is that simple! My children just love these.

Breakfast Burritos

For breakfast burritos, start by sauteing finely diced onions and peppers in several tablespoons of oil over medium heat. (Use more oil than you would normally use because you don't want the eggs to stick when you add them into the pan.) Here I used both coconut oil and butter. You might also want to use diced mushrooms, diced zucchini, or any other vegetable you'd like.

When the vegetables are soft, add beaten eggs. (Here I am making 11 burritos and so I used 14 eggs... 11 is a weird number, but I had two different brands of tortillas, one package with six and one with five.) You might also want to add some meat. Here I used preservative free bacon that I found on good sale, but we have also used leftover chicken, taco meat or even preservative free ham before.

Once the eggs are well cooked, put a generous scoop of the scrambled mixture and some cheese in each tortilla and wrap them tightly. Place on a cookie sheet. Warm in the oven until the cheese has melted, about fifteen minutes. I cover them lightly with foil so that the burritos don't get crispy.

Or, you can wrap them individually and keep them in the refrigerator to heat each morning.

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