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Senin, 23 Januari 2012

Lips care in Winter

Exfoliate the dead skin on your lips. You can mix a little gram flour, honey and sugar together until the sugar crystals have dissolved slightly. You can then gently scrub your lips with this paste in order to get rid of any dead skin. 

Make sure that you apply a little petroleum jelly to your lips once you have rinsed your lips as this will work as an effective winter moisturizer that will prevent your lips from drying.

Mix one teaspoon of milk with few drops of lemon juice. keep the mixture in the fridge for an hour then apply before going into the bed ,not only on lips but also around the lips. In just three days you will get long lasting result.

Mix glycerine with rose water. Apply the mixture on  lips before going to the bed.

Coconut oil is very effective in treating chapped lips. Simply apply small amount of oil on your lips several times daily. 

Aloe Vera is an amazing healing agent for our skin. Put a small amount of Aloe Vera gel on your lips daily to cure chapped or dry lips.

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