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Minggu, 01 Januari 2012

Most effective ways to loose weight

 Look good in 2012 !!!

Let's try to

look good in this year

and be what you are and
what you deserve.


Setting up a goal and exercising daily even for few minutes. Not only keeps you active, it also burns calories. You can start from 15 minutes and keep increasing day by day. If you start from heavy exercise and do it for an hour on the first day. You'll obviously get tired very soon, this will make you fed up within few days.

Avoid Fast Food: Another great thing you can do if you are planning to stay healthy and loose weight is to replace all fast food with Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.

Avoid Quick Meals: The biggest mistake most of us do in our busy routine is to go with the quick Frozen or Canned meals. Get some time out from your busy schedule to actually prepare something healthy for yourself.

Get More Sleep: Yes, that's true :) We actually burn calories while sleeping, that's why we are always told to get good breakfast

Don't Skip Meals: Skipping meals is never a great idea. We should take something every 3 hours, instead of having 3 big meals a day. 

Last but not least DRINK WATER, as much as you can.

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